Monday, July 12, 2010


!!! My Fyrinnae order came today~~ =D I'm so happy. It came a lot faster than I expected--I ordered a bunch of stuff for myself and a friend's birthday, so I made sure to order it really early in case so I could be sure to have it by then. It arrived with plenty of time to spare! (Now I can take a bunch of pictures and whatnot before sending them to her, hah)

The packaging is so cute--mine came in a silver drawstring pouch with zebra tissue paper and 2 little sticker things; ghosts and a panda in a curry container. XD! Adorable. I really like the actual pigment containers too, though I found that some of them are incredibly hard to open (which makes sense though, as you don't want them to accidentally open up and spill everywhere). I must've looked really funny sitting on my bed and clawing at these little containers. I think it took me about 10 minutes to get Biker Chic open (a couple of them opened more easily though. Whew.)

I also finally caved in and bought Kat Von D's Metal Orchestra. I wanted to test out Adora too at Sephora, but apparently, even though the Adora palette is available online already, it's not going to be coming to stores until August. D: But I was freaking out that since Metal Orchestra is limited edition, they'd run out of that first (even though it's been around for forever, I think? Though I believe it's beacuse it disappeared for a bit and then Sephora brought it back--iunno, but it's listed as LE on the website). I have to say, I'm in love. I would totally buy another palette just for the packaging. It came in this really cute boxy-envelope-ish thing with flaps, and then the palette itself is wrapped in a thin paper with a KVD sticker. Prettyyy~ I felt bad about opening it. I managed not to rip the paper though! I'm a packrat at heart and rarely throw out anything anyway, but I'm definitely not letting these go. Kat Von D's packaging is amaaaazing~~~ Plus I really like black and edgy designs.

Pictures sooooon. In a meantime, here are some pictures from Taiwan back in winter '10 that I finally uploaded.

Love this store. 雜誌風 (Magazine Craze) is a place I always visit whenever I'm back in Taiwan. Added Hershey Kisses and a strawberry milk candy because they're cute and I like sweets.

Really pretty packaging and design, but it didn't taste as good as I thought it would. Certainly wasn't bad, but kinda expensive...I expected more of a 'wow!' factor. Kept the box though ;)

Aww, it has little stubby legs! This is a dessert that has red bean and strawberries wrapped inside powdered white mochi skin. Delicious.


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  1. Hey thank you so much for dropping by my blog! That mochi looks soooo good! I love mochi lol, have you tried mochi ice cream? they are the BEST. Also I love the fact that you like Miyavi - he is HOT.